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About Me.....

I have been showing and training dogs for over 35 years. I started out with my father's German Short-Haired Pointers, both training for hunting and showing in AKC conformation ring. I have had various dogs throughout my life, training for obedience, agility, and conformation. I have shown many different dogs and breeds in the show ring, and not just my own, personal dogs.  My biggest accomplishment was showing and handling my own Dogo Argentino, Toro (Tigidas Endure), to 35 BIS, 8 RBIS, 1 BISS, and also titling him to his CGC, ATTS, and Hunting Temperament Test. Being a working/hunting breed, with no wild boar to hunt in NY, I found another outlet for his high prey/fight drives. I was able to fully train an "off" breed in off leash obedience and for personal protection, while having him remain a fully stable, social dog. So stable, that he appeared on Animal Planet's, "Dog's 101, Dogo Argentino." I now have two dutch shepherd x's that I have been training for real life, tactical applications, from personal protection, to odor detection work, as well as obedience and stress agility.



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